Who We Are…..

My name is Elizabeth and I have a little dog called Scout and together we live in the inner city of Sydney. Having recently lost my sixteen year old Jack Russell, Quinn, I decided to adopt a new little dog. Initially it wasn’t easy and so there was nothing to it but to ‘Get out and about with Scout’. introduce her to the world, a few new friends and socialise her in all the niceties of being a great dog! This blog is a chronicle of our journey and a document of the everyday, and the things that interest us here in the city – dogs (of course), photography, food, art & culture, music,  lifestyle and design, friends, family and community and the quirky streaks in life.


4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Anna Amigo said:

    Wow what a great new blog – loved reading about Scout and her one ear up and one ear down… Makes me want to catch that Elvis train too next year
    Amigo Mexicana

  2. I love your use of black and white photography and I cannot resist a dog-related story so I’ve nominated you for a blog award of your choice (feel free to choose 1 or all 3), please check out my post: http://twoblackdoggies.wordpress.com/2012/07/28/a-very-belated-thank-you/

  3. Kathleen Wellard said:

    Great work Lizzy. So funny but also so sentimental and beautifully written.

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