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Well here we are and I’m sure there are one or two of you who thought we’d never be back…we’ve been out to lunch for a little while and had a break developing a couple of things, taking a few fotos, feeling the breezes through our hair and travelling a few new roads…and the better for it and ready to explore some new adventures….one of the friends we met on our journey was Lambert…he’s what you call a Chinese Crested and he’s not embarrassed to say it…he has very little hair. In fact he is what you call a hairless Chinese Crested and consequently he’s quite the master of style. You see in order to keep warm he often wears coats and he’s one of our more stylish dogs about town. There are two quite distinct varieties of the Chinese Crested dog, the hairless and the powder puff. The hairless is just that…hairless…except for it’s tail, head and feet and the powder puff has a long soft coat and the two varieties can be born into the same litter. These dogs are alert, agile and lovable and very intelligent and have been known to perform tricks. Lambert has a pretty nifty dancing routine that he likes to perform now and again….

So for a little sartorial elegance meet Lambert…..we had a foto shoot in our local park….

Lambert ..a la naturale…

Lambert in Leopard spots…waiting for that treat

Don’t be shocked…a little colour never hurt anyone and it’s but a small punctuation note on a black & white blog….

Lambert in his Technicolour Dreamcoat

Lambert in his Dinosaur suit…

Not to be missed in wet weather gear….

Modeling is a tough life and it’s hard to stay still and sometimes you just need to exit stage left, be a dog and have a sniff around…

Exit stage left….

Adios until next time…which won’t be as long as you think it might be….

© Elizabeth O’Donnell 2012