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On Saturday mornings Scout and I hit the pavements and go out walking. It’s a great time for us to connect and really do some exploring and spend good quality time together…she gets to sniff a few trees and meet and greet a whole lot of dogs out and about doing the same thing, along with their peeps. We live near the water so our walk takes us around the foreshores, taking in the sights and feeling the breezes through our hair. Spring is springing and bouncing now in the southern hemisphere and all the blossoms are coming out and jasmine is heavily scenting the air. The inner city area that we live in is blessed with a number of markets held every Saturday and some of them on Sundays too. If you’re looking for old wares, second hand goods, music, food, plants you’ll find it all browsing through some of these eclectic and interesting stalls. We’ll profile more of these as time goes on and our exploration deepens. We love fresh produce and so we head down to what we thought was our best kept secret at Balmain Market, a little stall set up by Johnstone Farm Fresh….trouble is we started to tell everyone and they’ve cottoned on and even those we haven’t told have cottoned on too. Now they don’t have any piggies here to buy…….but they do sell beautiful fresh seasonal vegies, fruit and eggs and for great prices.

Scout investigating the fresh produce at Balmain Market with Liz from Johnstone Farm Fresh

We’ve been coming almost every Saturday for quite awhile and love to chat for a bit with Liz and find out what’s going on away from the city and on the farm. She’s all smiles and loves to chat with all of us regulars who visit each Saturday young and old. She tells us what’s new, what to try and often the best way to cook and eat the produce…all good. Johnstone Farm fresh was started by Tim, Mark and Liz Johnstone and they’ve been farming since 2010. Pretty impressive for just a couple of years! They’re young, enthusiastic and passionate about what they’re doing and they come down here to Balmain every week to share their discoveries and developments produce wise with us city slickers and we feel oh so lucky.

These guys have been working with Peter Gilmore of Quay restaurant in Sydney developing and producing fresh and living produce for signature dishes at Quay. Quay has just been awarded 27th best restaurant on the San Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards 2012.

Fresh pears and apples…

As part of the Sydney Crave Food Festival in October they’re hosting a Farm, Fork and Fire lunch out on the farm where Tim Johnstone and Peter Gilmore of Quay will take you on a guided tour around the garden and chef Lennox Hastie will prepare lunch. You can find information about that here. Looks good…….

The regulars come each week..

Seasonal produce from Johnstone Farm Fresh

Always a smile with Liz…

Rustic charm….

Try Them….

So…to market to market to buy a fat pig, home again, home again, dancing a jig….See you down at the markets Saturday….mad if you don’t…

Adios until next time….

© Elizabeth O’Donnell 2012