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Well just what is the low down on P Diggy? He loves music, he loves walking and he’s a smooth kind of guy. He’s also known as Digger to his family and friends….he’s almost 14 months now and it’s time to leave….he’s going into training you see to become a Guide Dog to assist someone who is blind or has impaired vision. He has been spending some time with some friends of ours for the first few months of his life, puppy raisers ..a warm family environment with lots of care and attention and some early training to prepare him for the next adventure, this is an important part of those early months in life…..he’s about to go on a tough gig where he will be assessed for suitability for the role of guiding work. Whew it’s tough going on stage…if he makes the grade he’ll be matched with a suitable client and move into a new kind of lifestyle that matches both…good luck P Diggy hope you find the perfect match…. Shake Ya Tailfeather!

Meet P Diggy

Softly Softly


These Feet are Made for Walking

‘I’ll be Missing You’

Press Play

Mr P Diggy

‘Can’t Nobody Hold me Down’….

If you’d like to know more about dogs like Digger and what they do you can find more information at Guide Dogs NSW/ACT here.

Go well and go far Digger…we’ll be watching you….Shake Ya TailFeather!

© Elizabeth O’Donnell