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EO says, ‘I’ll just be a minute….won’t be too long’, but what does that really mean? What in fact is a minute? I’ve had to perfect the art of waiting, I think of other things, hum some tunes, see if I can attract a few passers by, meditate….EO gets nervous…I’ve heard her say that on more than one occaision to her friends….she thinks I’ll bark and look I have to admit it’s true I do like to get that extra little bit of attention and sometimes that’s the only way. But it’s really back to that same old question and contemplating what that really is….just what is a minute? I’ve put the question to a few friends and you’ll be seeing how they feel about it as weeks go by…we’re perfecting the Art of Waiting and you have to be just a little bit Zen about it…I think we’ll start a club….no humans allowed. Zen and the Art of Waiting…

Zen and the Art of Waiting

What exactly does a minute mean?

Just breathe….

A bit of chanting might do the trick…

Just shaking up that energy…

Ok so the question to contemplate is this…just how long is a minute?

© Elizabeth O’Donnell

Adios until next time ….and happy waiting