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We often go walking at night, Scout and I …in the summer it’s warm and balmy and light and now in the winter it’s lock down…our winters aren’t as cold as those of the northern hemisphere or the southern and central parts of Australia or New Zealand, but it’s a little bit chilly right now and we have to rug up a little when we venture out. I get  home when it’s dark and take Scout About Town out walking. There’s a little bit of magic in the air at night…the lights are on, lives are led, fires are burning and we like to photograph…there is a lot to investigate in the shadows and we’ll be sharing more of this as time goes on. We pass this little shop often during the day and night, it’s on the direct route home to Chez Scout and we like to look in the window passing by…..and lo and behold we discover a little doggie….a Scottie no less…it’s been hard to find a Scottie around these parts, I know they are out there…so please come forward, we’d like to take your foto…but in the meantime we have our Scottie friend in the window…a lamp no less and fun all the same…a nod and a wink to all our Scottie friends out there!

How much is that Scottie in the Window?

Scottie in the window

© Elizabeth O’Donnell

Adios amigos until next time….