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We ventured out on the ferry again a couple of weeks ago to meet a friend for breakfast….a little place we’d heard about but never tried…it seemed intriguing because it wasn’t the usual cafe with a dog bowl outside…that is, a cafe for peeps and their dogs but quite the opposite..it was a cafe for dogs and their peeps, that is you can accompany your dog or cat, actually, but mostly dogs where they can eat great food and are treated as little mini V.I.P’s. Their two legged human friends can grab a sip and a bite from the cafe next door. Having recently disposed of my old car a few months ago, Scout and I have been moving about town by public transport…a challenging proposition with a dog in this town of ours…how to do it? We live close to the water and Sydney is a network of little bays and coves and the shores are linked by a network of bridges and ferry services. Ahhh we love Sydney Ferries ’cause they let both of us travel to and fro’ across the harbour and so life is breezy. We planned a trip from Balmain to Greenwich and then a great foreshore walk around to Chew Chew at Wollstonecraft in time for a mid morning snack. I must admit I was not quite sure what we would find…mayhem on a Saturday? How to control the dogs? Was this a good idea with Msss Exuberance a.k.a Scout About Town? Taking a dog on the ferry is a bit like opening a door to connection…people somehow love you for it…it puts a smile on the firmest of faces and the dogs just smooth their way into everybody’s hearts…and so our journey began with the ferry and a bunch of smiles followed by a great walk for dogs and people alike…here’s what we found…

Travelling to Greenwich

Ready to start our walk

We started at Greenwich Park – where the bush meets the sea

Beautiful bushland track …

A little paradise …this bush track reminded me of the great photographer W.Eugene Smith and the photograph he took of his two children ‘A Walk to Paradise Garden’ 1946

Sea Dogs

Scout on the way to Chew Chew

You can’t go past a view like that at Gore Bay across Sydney Harbour

Greenwich Point walk

You can walk right up through the bush to Greenwich and there is an off leash area at the top here at Shell Park. We continued around the streets, crossed the gully over Beencke’s Bridge and over to Wollstonecraft to meet up at Chew Chew.

Beencke’s Bridge

John Beencke was a Greenwich resident born in Hamburg in 1852 and he constructed a wooden trestle bridge across Berrys Creek to assist access to North Sydney and reach Wollstonecraft Station. A new bridge was built in 1964 and became known as ‘Beencke’s Bridge’  a tribute to a talented carpenter and stonemason.

Here we are at Chew Chew!

We’ve come to meet Cosi fan Tutte and her mum Sue for breakfast. Cosi is the ripe old age of 15 and still trotting strong and was definitely looking forward to a tasty delight or two…

Cosi fan tutte at Chew Chew

Mmmmm the menu is looking fine…

Lots to ‘chewse’ from at Chew Chew – all nutritionally balanced

Scout was licking her lips from the get go…enthusiasm is a great thing

There’s even a Chew Chew Club…

Cosi and Scout at Chew Chew

Dancing on the tables at Chew Chew….

Just so you know Scout is not allowed to do this at home, however the dining setup at Chew Chew is for dogs….as I said…it’s a dog’s life! Cosi being the elderly and dignified gal that she is declined to jump up on the table…

Naoko and Scout at Chew Chew

Naoko Okamoto and her husband are very calm and gracious hosts. The food is cooked freshly on site when you order…there’s a little bit of zen to the whole experience….no fights amongst our four legged friends, they’re allowed to move around freely and  see what’s going on. We had never been to such a place, but don’t mistake this for a faddish thing, it’s just original, and Naoko is well versed in animal nutrition, providing well balanced meals and information for lovers of our four legged friends. Cosi and Scout had the signature menu of organic chicken and you can take a doggy bag away with you. You can buy weekly meals, balance flakes and get advice for elderly dogs as well..all good in our books. It’s right next to Wollstonecraft station and has a small park right outside so you can sip a cup of tea and your dog is happy too. You can find heaps of info on their site at Chew Chew. Naoko likes to take fotos too and she’ll send you a copy of her snaps after your visit. Arigatou Naoko…

Scout at Chew Chew foto courtesy of Naoko Okamoto

We travelled by Sydney Ferries and you can find Chew Chew at Shop 3, Railway Walk, Wollstonecraft Station Cnr Shirley Road & Telopea Street Wollstonecraft NSW

Ciao ciao Chew Chew

© Elizabeth O’Donnell

Adios amigos until next time…..