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Ok… so EO says it’s important to share and that it’s not all about me..I don’t know.. I think I got that wrong ’cause I seriously thought it was actually…but there you go life is full of surprises hey! And it’s big wide world of friends out there when you open your eyes….we have friends of all persuasions and here are a few more for you to meet….

Ella Belicious

Now Ella Belicious and you guys have already met…she told me that the real question on her lips this week is whether or not she’ll be given the appropriate set of viewing glasses for The Transit of Venus on the 6th June. EO tells me that the Sydney Observatory is fully booked but she will still try and get me a pair of specs to have a look at the skies a la natural so to speak…it’s a very rare occasion and won’t be seen again until 2117 and basically we just won’t be here to see that happen then, much as we’d like to be…can’t wait for Wednesday!

Benny and Jasper

These two are brothers in arms are the cousins of Ella Belicious …they’re a pretty close knit team and spend a lot of time together…they’re making me jealous ’cause they all have beards….I think they’ve been listening to too much ZZ Top ’cause it’s all looking just a little too familiar to me…’We’ve Got beards’ whoah a little bit retro …..

Fabulous though ….you just can’t go past a beard like that

Not one to top you bro’ but this beard is pretty good…

Sorry guys…what can I say?

Too too too too too too too funny

B B B Benny and The Jets

© Elizabeth O’Donnell

Adios Amigos …see you for The Transit of Venus

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