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Let’s get it straight … Scout and I are a little bit retro and certainly since Her Majesty the Dog moved in here eight months ago the house is looking even more retro, however,we like nothing more than browsing through old markets and shops for second hand wares and collectables and even if we can’t buy, we like to feast with our eyes and ears. The inner city area that we live in luckily caters well for the likes of Scout About Town and me and so these last couple of weeks at Dogs Inner City, we’ve found ourselves down at The Old City in search of a good cup of tea (or great coffee if that’s your thing), something yummy to eat and a fab bowl of water, the essentials when out and about!

If you like Dr Who this place is a little like stepping into the Tardis and being taken into a parallel universe….where you can read magazines from the past or present, sit by the fire and relax into that first coffee of the day.

Charlie Chaplin looks on from above and old movies are played on the screen at the back of the cafe.You could be in your favourite shop for second hand wares or that special room that contained all things wonderful at your Grandfather’s house, a compact den and collector’s paradise…you can sit at a desk with a little manual typewriter (ahhh yes remember those, bring some paper and write to your friends), browse the old cameras and order your coffee and cake. The owners Anthony and Wiam took their inspiration for The Old City from the many cities they travelled to in the last couple years. They exhibit and sell the collectables in their shop, as well as online.

We found ourselves there for breakfast in these last couple of weeks on Mother’s Day and today, sampling some Sunday specials created by guest cook Kai from Kai’s Kitchen. We had Aunt Jemima’s Apple Pancakes with Honey and Yoghurt but for those hankering after something a little more substantial you can’t bypass The John Denver Scrambled Eggs or The Dolly Parton Hot Pot with the eggs sunny side up! And Scout About Town was happy as Larry when she got a little treat from Wiam…

The Old City is open everyday of the week and Wednesday evenings for pizza and old movies and you can find them at 1/386 Darling Street Balmain NSW 2041

Here’s what we found….

Anthony and Wiam at The Old City

A parallel universe at The Old City

Sunday Breakfast

Mother’s Day at The Old City

Mother’s Day specials and old wares


The Barista at The Old City

Wiam and Scout at The Old City

© Elizabeth O’Donnell

Adios Amigos …until next time