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We’re continuing with a thought stream this week of things past and of renewal and a reflection that everything old is new again. I stand  looking at my grandmother’s dressing table which is now mine, it sits in my room. She was my mother’s mother and I remember the dressing table in another room, in another house which was hers. The dressing table was passed down to my aunt and then to me and on top of the dresser are books that belonged to my mother and gifts that she gave to me. The objects and dresser resonate with the memory and essence of many great women in my life. Scout sleeps peacefully in front of this dresser at night and I reflect on the fact that she was rescued from death row at the pound the day before my first dog Quinn died. Quinn was very close to my mother….. and so it is that everything old is new again.

Everything Old is New Again


© Elizabeth O’Donnell