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Hola…not satisfied with one last drink JJ von Dog and me (Scout About Town to those who don’t know me) decided to have one last hoorah in the city before he took a plane out to the USA….well… jealous.com… I’ve never been taken on a plane journey and JJ was in for the real V.I.P treatment apparently….hmmm still nothing beats the ferry and the sails….go dogs inner city….here’s what we found..

Joey and me on the high seas..JJ decided to dress in style with his Aussie cravat

Sydney Ferries allows dogs to travel on their boats…how very very civilised we think…we travel out back but that’s where the fun starts…

JJ von Dog on the seas in Sydney Harbour

Whoah just wanting to check if you feel a little seasick JJ..

JJ testing out the vocals

JJ started testing out his vocals on the journey over to the Quay….he told me that he always wanted to sing at the Opera House and this was his big chance…we couldn’t be better positioned for that to happen right now..

Starstruck at the Opera House

Well here we are folks…the Sydney Opera House can you imagine…and the only dogs in sight…our big chance…

JJ von Dog at the Opera House

JJ was pretty relaxed about our debut…I think he’ll be a hit with the ladies…

Well this is it…what are we going to sing?

JJ von Dog and Scout About Town singing for their supper at the Opera House

We sang our hearts out and started drawing in the crowds……our repertoire catered for all tastes, a little jazz, a few arias and Jumpin’ Jack Flash…we met people from Russia, India, China, Australia and yes we met Tiny Jesus on his world tour…he was so small we almost didn’t notice him…but there he was right next to us having his photograph taken…well what do you know…he’s been all over the world and now in Sydney…

Tiny Jesus having his photograph taken at the Sydney Opera House

Look closely …he’s on the top step!

Tiny Jesus, the photographer and me at the Opera House

Svetlana and Scout at the Opera House

We met some lovely ladies from Russia

Svetlana, Galina, Joey and me

JJ von Dog was certainly a hit with the ladies…

Joey and his lady friends

JJ tells me he couldn’t be happier so after a couple of sips and many chats with the gals we headed back home so that he could start preparing for the big trip home….

Blowin’ in the Wind

It did get a little choppy on the way home…

We found our very own seat on the ferry…

Adios to JJ von Dog…we’ll miss him but he said he will keep in touch and send us updates from the States…something tells me that not satisfied with singing for his supper on the Sydney Opera House steps he’ll soon be making an appearance in Times Square…well whaddya know..Joey!

Adios JJ von Dog

© Elizabeth O’Donnell