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Our friend Joey or JJ von Dog to his friends has been a well known face about town…born and bred in Australia and brother to Barney of the Overbite he has just taken his first major air flight across the seas to the US…back home for his parents and a new adventure for him…boo hoo… his friends will miss him…he started preparing a little ahead of time for the journey…

Meet JJ von Dog

Getting the smarts with the outfits

Yep that’s him…. the von Dog

JJ von Sea Dog

Well… you gotta be prepared for all eventualities

Scout About Town and JJ von Dog among the bar stools at yappy hour at the Dry Dock…one last drink before he goes…woof woof

© Elizabeth O’Donnell

JJ von Dog and Scout About Town started to explore some cool spots about town to eat and drink and take your dogs….we’ll keep up the good work in Sydney and JJ will report back from the States…

Adios amigos until next time…