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Goodbye Summer..

Well it’s been a few weeks since we posted here at Dogs Inner City and we’re back in the swing of things, exploring the old and the new and now that we are well and truly into Autumn we’re missing the summer that never was. Courtesy of our friend La Ninja we woke up to rain, rain, rain, rain, day after day except of course on the one day of summer that we had… the day of the Cole Classic and our friend Anna G was in for the big swim.We’re remembering it with fondness…the birds were singing, the dogs were barking, the barbies were sizzling, the guitars they were a strummin’ and the people were a swimmin’ in Australia’s largest ocean swim…we went looking for Anna and here’s what we found…

Well we started here in Manly of course looking for Anna in the big swim

The seas were choppy so they headed back to Shelly Beach but where could she be??

Surfin’ Safari was trying to work it out but he didn’t know which way to go

It was safety first but still no Anna

And how to continue the search when your hair just gets in the way….

So many people and not enough dogs

One poor little hot dog and not enough care..

Everyone’s looking for Anna G

Hard yakka…the girls were working doing it tuff

Everybody’s talking about it…

Still looking

We met Mr Weird Dude

and Cat Walk

We stopped and asked for advice…he looked friendly enough

We thought we might have to hire a snorkel and some paddles to get through the crowds

And then we found her! Or two of her cute friends at least….Anna’s out and about having a coffee with Scout and leaving us to it…

Anna swam for Can Too in the big swim along with a bunch of determined people raising funds for cancer researchers through Cure Cancer Australia…you can too next year.. just like Anna G and others like her, such as the lovely Irish girl we met, Celine who learnt how to swim in 14 weeks and then swam her first ocean swim ever…things are inspirational down at Shelly Beach in the summer…

We’ll be back sooner than you think with more tails from the city…until then adios amigos and happy barking…

© Elizabeth O’Donnell