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Scout About Town – that’s me of course !

Where would life be without a few good friends and luckily for me EO had a bunch of friends of the 2 legged and 4 legged variety that happily accepted me into their little circle. Everything was going quite well at first, it really was, until Fritz n Burger and I latched onto one another’s faces at a family picnic…for awhile it just seemed to go downhill from there, I was taken to dog school …it was going to be a hard climb back into favour with EO. Anyway there were other dogs worse than me at dog school and I enjoyed it and so did EO, at least she pretended she did…it’s been happy socialising mostly ever since.

Meet some of our partners in crime…

Fritz n Burger

Otto von Blots

Little Bear Swim in Sea

Ella Belicious at her favourite cafe True Relgion

Scout About Town and Little Bear

Larry the Lad

Hugo a Gogo, Molly Golightly and Scout About Town being ever so good and holding a few airs and graces

Molly Golightly on a slightly bad hair day and bearing an uncanny resemblance to Cyclops

Barney of the Overbite

Coco la Belle

Hugo a Gogo

Oscar Pawderson and Scout About Town

The Lady Shelly


Oscar Pawderson – Put yourself in my shoes, what can I say, they were calling me the Maharaja of the keyboard last night…

…I just can’t work out where it all went so terribly wrong..

Mr Motley Crew – a lovely fellow we see on our walks out and about

Don and Scamp – 92 in human years and about the same in dog years

Otto von Blots and his Mum

In Memory of a beautiful girl – Quinn 1995 – 2011

Look forward to seeing you next time folks….adios

© Elizabeth O’Donnell